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    With IPv6 enabled, is it possible to override the ISP-assigned IPv6 DNS servers and use your own preferred ones, such as Cloudflare (2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001)?

    Basically I would prefer to have the router push these out via DHCP rather than have to manually configure them on each device. 

    Also, does the DNS over HTTPS work with IPv6 DNS AAAA records?

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    Mark Arana

    +1 for this as well. Also, how can a custom Prefix Delegation be set? 

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    gera schlaefer


    I just ran into the same issue. 
    To fix this for android, windows 10, etc here is what I did. 
    You ssh into the firewalla gold and make a new file in /home/pi/.router/config/dhcp/conf/
    For example: 
    nano /home/pi/.router/config/dhcp/conf/gero.conf/custom_v6_dns.conf
    In the file you put 
    but replace the ip with your own ipv6 dns server and br0 with what you use (run "ip add" to check).

    Then reboot the firewalla
    sudo reboot

    Then disabled/enabled network on windows 10 and it populated the ipv6 dns

    You can now see the dhcpv6 responses with the dns server by running
    sudo tcpdump -i br0 -n -vv '(udp port 546 or 547) or icmp6'
    for example


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