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    2 nice features to have would be

    1) exceptions to block rules ex: on my firewalla gold I have 4 vlans IoT, Guest, Mgmt, and Domain. on my IoT and Guest VLANs I block traffic to all other network segments but I run a DNS server in the management network. It would be nice if I could make an exception to the network block rule that allows my devices to talk to that 1 mgmt IP. or if you could have a checkbox that allows me to set a global rule to override lower rules. 

    2) it would be nice to be able to specify multiple targets, the obvious example from above would be to specify that the clients on other segments could talk to the DNS server IP on port 53 only. 


    Maybe one day once you get all of these awesome user friendly features added you can create can advance user options. Like give us a page to view advanced rule layout where we could see all of the rules in one interface and re-arrange the order more granularly, so we could move an allow/deny rule to the specific position in the list where we want it to be evaluated, or even be able to move to a configuration where there is an implicit deny so if a client is otherwise allowed it is denied. 



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