Connecting to Firewalla Gold's Console




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    Sriram Mantravadi

    Hello, I've a gold and I'm trying explore console connection by using my Mac {MacOS Monetary}. I tried with USB-C-to-RJ45 cable and with my hub too but both didn't help mac recognizing the usb device. I went thru couple of apple blogs and suggested a driver needs to be installed. I tried couple of them but so far no luck. Is it possible to update the instructions with the possible drivers you are using to establish connection? Thanks

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    Dave Taylor

    Which brand of cable are you using?  RJ45 console cables are weird beasts in that they're actually serial cables replacing the older DB9 cables, not USB or ethernet cables despite their connectors.  So for USB-A to RJ45 you just need to make sure you've got a reasonably well-supported USB-to-serial chip in them, e.g. not the million fake Chinese ones (counterfeit FTDIs seem to be the biggest problem).  If it's a no-name cable that you're having trouble with, try going to Amazon and looking for reviews of known-brand cables that are confirmed to work with a Mac.

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