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    Arlo Miller

    I've been trying to setup a VLAN on my Netgear 48 port managed switch, but Netgear's terminology just perplexes me. 

    So, I have a WAP that I have setup with 3 SSIDs.  Right now, all set to VLAN 0, which I think means untagged.  I'd like to set one of the SSID's to tag VLAN 20 and then have the Firewalla make a subnet for that VLAN.  Those two steps I've been able to do.  What i've NOT been able to do is get the Netgear switch to pass the VLAN tags along. 

    With my WAP attached to Port 44 on the Netgear Switch, how do I setup the switch? 

    I don't believe I want to set the PVID on 44 because I don't want the untagged traffic (from the other SSIDS) to get tagged.  Correct?  OR am I required to set a PVID on that port, in which case I probably need to set the other two SSIDs to have a VLAN tag and then create a another VLAN network on the Firewalla for them?

    And then what do I do for VLAN membership?  Set 44 to be tagged and all the other ports untagged?

    Or am I just getting it all completely wrong?

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