How to migrate data from one Firewalla Box to another?




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    Tony Le

    This isn't great. I just upgraded my Firewalla to Gold (from Blue, prior to that from Red when there was no migration feature) and it was helpful but Red -> Blue I had maybe 12 devices. Now I have over 40+ devices and when I did the migration from my Blue to Gold (first of all there were two options, one was my old box name and another my old box name datestamped 20days ago ... of which I did the non-date stamped and it was my settings on the day I installed Firewalla Blue 2 years ago, so I did it again with the date stamp) ... 

    The migration brought over maybe a dozen of my device names? It seemed to only recognize devices that at that very second were connected to the network and tried to apply names to it. Anything that is idle/offline that joins later to the network is completely unrecognized (as in the migration doesn't store old device name data, just applies it then and there and disappears?)

    And so if the device name didn't come over, the rules didn't apply (like porn and family filtering for my kids devices. They're all offline so they didn't get applied to the rules). 

    So if you want to migrate your old box to a new one -- you have to go run around and turn on every device you have I think is the answer. Still a huge improvement to nothing when I did this 2 years ago but my only hesitation of upgrading (other than having 1GB internet and using a Blue) is the amount of manual resetting I have to do... Still appreciate this and by far one of the best low-hassle security and high-quality devices I've ever received. 

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    Rolando Nispiros

    I currently have the Blue active and running.  I just got the Gold today.  In order to migrate from Blue to Gold, in addition to the steps above, after installation should I then unpair the Blue from the network so I will just have the Gold running?  Before this, should I have the Blue still connected while I setup the Gold on my network?

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