VPN Setup for iOS




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    John Smith

    nice but i am using expressvpn and its easy and safe to use i can unblock any content now. 

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    Gabby Delamothe

    yes. very few vpns will do that netflix unblock thingy. i couldn't do it with ivacy's app in the past, but at least with its chrome extension i just tried a few weeks ago, i was able to gain access to netflix usa from uk. 

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    Michael Pearson

    I can only get the VPN to work over LTE. If I am trying to use VPN over public wifi or my work wifi, for example, it does not work. 

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    Michael, some public wifi and work wifi blocks VPN intentionally.  If LTE works, then VPN should be usable.  For example, here in San Jose, the Santa Clara Library blocks VPN, while the San Jose Libraries don't.  Try at starbucks, I have not seen them block VPN. 

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