Firewalla Gold Tutorial: Use your router with Firewalla Gold (in Router Mode)




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    Chris 'Zeke' Greenwald

    Currently (August 2020) the Ubiquiti USG 3P has no 'bridge mode' functionality exposed through the Unifi UI (I own one and could not find any such UI element). The Amplifi Alien does support this (based on link in the article) but the Dream Machine & Dream Machine Pro seem not to support this mode from the UI either. I do not own the Alien, DM, or DM Pro.

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    Rolando Nispiros

    In addition, these are the steps that worked for me from Firewalla Support.

    Here is the recommended sequence:

    1. Switch Gold from Experimental simple mode to Router mode
    2. Reboot the Modem (I have an Xfinity modem)
    3. Connect Gold's Port 4 to the Modem's LAN Port. 
    4. Connect your Router's WAN Port to the Gold's any other port (1, 2, or 3). (I have a Linksys MR9600  WiFi router)
    5. Switch Router to Bridge mode and Save. 

    At first I could not get an internet connection.  After trial and error I went to the Network setting in the Firewalla app, clicked on Edit, chose the WAN configuration, and changed the Connection Type from Static to DHCP. As soon as I did this, then devices in my network started to pick up new IP address that are preconfigured in the LAN network configuration.

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