feature request - firewall config backup and restore



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    that's a different use case scenario. that's for migrating from a live firewalla to another live firewalla.

    the scenario i had in mind is to recover the firewalla from a config file or backup file.

    picture a remote office using blue, it goes down. it's then reflashed and paired to the mobile app of the administrator for the site. he now needs to recreate all the rules and allow the devices again. something that could be avoided if the app had an export config feature to dropbox or google drive which could be imported back into the reflashed blue.

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    In this situation, as long as you have the app that paired with the old unit available, you can "restore" the config to a new unit.   (So the firewalla need not be 'live', as long as the app is there, the config is saved on the app storage)

    Anyway, we do understand config dump, it is on the list for sure.  

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