Google Wifi or Nest Wifi Mesh network with Purple (Beta)




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    Robert Weiland

    Is it possible to do this with an unmanaged switch (with 2 uplink ports?). Otherwise, are there instructions for the Ubiquiti-way of setting up VLANs. I can't seem to get it functioning just yet and not sure about their tagging / untagged equivalent. 

    Also, I have found that it's best to temporary change your wifi password for Nest Wifi to ensure only the Mesh Network selects their IPs.

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    Support Team

    @Robert, Sorry for the inconvenience, a VLAN-supported switch is required for this setup. 

    We'll be working on the example using the Ubiquiti switch, which will be updated in this doc once ready. Thanks for asking.

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    Did anyone get casting to their Google Speaker (inside the second Google Nest Wifi puck) working? I followed the solution 1 setup here exactly and these instructions (  for my switch, but I still cannot see or cast to the google nest wifi puck speaker.  A couple of details:

    - Used the netgear GS305E to setup a VLAN for Google Wifi Primary Unit and a VLAN for Main Network  (connected ethernet port on Google Wifi Puck back to Switch VLAN for Main Network)

    - Enabled mDNS on my Google Wifi Primary Unit Network and my Main Network

    - If I start playing music via voice on the speaker, I can see it and control it via spotify/google home app. Neither app can start music from the speaker. Google Home doesn't let me add the speaker to a speaker group or connect to it to cast my audio.

    - My Wifi Puck (and the google speaker) has an IP of Firewalla is not aware of this IP/Network as it is managed by Google, so it may be a non-starter...

    UPDATE: Just to see if I could get broadcast messages to Firewalla, I added a ISP connection via the purple's wifi adapter to the Google Nest Wifi network and assigned the purple an IP of statically. I could start songs on the Nest Wifi puck speaker in both spotify and google home, but I could not make speaker groups work as Firewalla was blocking the traffic from the device I was starting the music on to the broadcast address (even when I paused the Traffic inbound from the internet rule that kept firing). I think there is something to this. I am curious as to why the Google Wifi Primary Unit and Secondary Puck cannot (or at least according to solution 1) be on the same user VLAN for the main network (by statically assigning them IPs outside of the DHCP pool). Does anyone know the reason these two devices have to be on their own network?

    UPDATE 2: So I decided to go for it and put the Nest Wifi Primary as and the Secondary Puck (Speaker) as on the Main Network. I made the Nest Wifi Primary DHCP pool only one address ( So far everything appears to be working. The Secondary Puck works in speaker groups now too. The only possible downside I see is that technically devices that get their IP reservations from the Nest Wifi Primary (which should only ever serve the Secondary Puck an IP) have a default gateway of and traffic routes over the Google Primary WAN port to Firewalla. All other devices connected to the Main LAN via Google Nest Wifi get an IP from Firewalla and a default gateway of, routing internet traffic through the Google Primary LAN port to the switch to Firewalla (which was happening before anyways). Posting this here in case someone has any concerns/recommendations for this work around.

    UPDATE 3: Using IP addresses in the Main Network ( for the Google Nest WiFi Router and WiFi point caused significant performance issues on my Google TV connected to the point. I didn't see any issues from other devices but reverted these settings back to the recommended IPs in the diagram here.

    If anyone finds a good solution for getting the speaker to work for casting I'd love to hear about it!

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