Firewalla Box Release 1.961 - Bug fixes




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    Hi, may I know that is it follow this tutorial to upgrade the box? 
    and will l lost all settings after upgrade?

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    After "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" on my Firewalla Blue. Firewalla didn't start Redis process, and maybe the upgrade process has ruined something else. I had a problem with connect betwen APP and Firewalla device. I didn't able to fix problem and I decided I don't want waste more time to find the problem and I'll reinstall from newest image from that link:

    But I realised that on this link I coudn't find 1.961 release.

    The last one is 1.958 and .gz archive contain "" from 03.12.2018 . I installed this old version.

    Where I find the 1.961 img file? 


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