How does Firewalla Intercept Traffic?




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    Tom Bova

    Thanks for this article.  I've had my Red for about a week and was curious about DHCP mode.  I am going to give it a try.

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    Can you please give more details about this  "experimental simple mode"? 

    It seems to work and I had to use it with ASUS RT-AC88U running merlin firmware for firewalla to see some traffic... 


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    The experimental simple mode is something we are experimenting trying to 'fix' some of the problems with simple mode.  Primarily spoofing the wifi side and the ethernet at the same time, which causes some routers to lock up.  The experimental simple mode will simply be trying to send packets through the same interface.  It is kind of a 'trick', hence not documented well until we have more 'experiments done' 

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    thx, FYI in  my case, I had to use the experimental simple mode to find firewalla...

    I am running an ASUS RT-AC88U(with merlin, wireless) +2 tp-link-switches in cascade + 3 tp-link M4 as Access Points.

    I know that the AC88U is a bit odd with its wireless and switched ports... 


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