Firewalla Blue needs reboot regularly



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    When the devices stopped working, does it happen for a short duration? say 5 min? then come back? if it is, then your blue is rebooting;

    If the duration is forever (or looks like it).  Try to do this on a PC/MAC

    1. ping [your gateway]

    2. ping

    3. nslookup

    4. dig @

    See which one is blocking.  Usually what we see is (3) DNS lookup fails is your default DNS server.  

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    Steve M

    I've had the very same problem with my Firewalla Blue but I do not have the DNS mode activated.  It is causing complete loss of internet access for all networked devices.  This happens once a day at least and sometimes several times a day.  It's causing havoc with my entire office operations cutting me off from my VOIP service and cloud based office collaboration tools.  I've had to reboot the Firewalla and Verizon FiOS router which resolves the issue temporarily but it reoccurs within a day or so.  When the problem happens pings to outside our network fail.  I finally unplugged the Firewalla and stopped using.  If you have a fix in mind, I might consider plugging it back in.     

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