Firewalla Blue needs reboot regularly



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    Broadening the network range will likely put more pressure on the Firewalla for sure.  The Gold should be able to handle that range, but the blue+, blue, and red is unlikely.  

    My advice is, if you do not have to, don't increase your network range;  the reason is, for every address, firewalla will need to keep track and make sure there isn't anything else on that spot... this scan + record keeping will eat up both CPU and memory. 

    For example, will require 255 scans, but a /21 will require 255*8 = 2040 scans ...  (I think only the blue+ and gold can support this)


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    Maybe that's my actual problem then.  I hadn't thought this would stretch the firewalla since the number of devices obviously hadn't changed, but I can see I have increased the number of IPs 8-fold if they all need to be looked at all the time.

    The Gold looks like a lovely device but alas I can't justify the cost for domestic use when the router I've got has /nearly/ all the functionality I need, so I'll look at going back to a 24 bit mask.

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