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    Kevin Reed

    No ideas, but I'm having similar issues with Google Wifi. I had the same DNS issue, weird thing was that even when I set a DNS address static on my PC it still wouldn't resolve. 

    I also noticed that after implementing firewalla on my network the google wifi remote extender pucks will drop internet connection intermittently. Red ring on device. 

    Router compatibility page says that it is compatible with Googe Wifi in simple mode, but during setup it said it was not and i had to force simple mode. Is that correct?

    I really like firewalla but If it's not stable with my network may have to remove it.

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    Julian Bennett

    Hi Kevin

    Contact support as they have been helping me with the issue as like you I really like the unit and want it to work, especially as it helped me identify the vulnerability with WD network hard drives.

    They might need to have remote access to the Firewalla to check other settings not in the app.


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    Yes, we are already helping @kevin with this.  We have couple people in the team that just can't stand if 'anyone' comment Google Wifi doesn't work with Firewalla.  So they are pretty passionate on getting this running.   

    We are buying 4 more pucks for our office / developers just to make sure google wifi is fully supported. (Thanks to Costco 4 unit deal :) )

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