Setup Guide: Google Wifi in DHCP Mode



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    I have been playing with this, and have found better luck by making a few tweaks, most significantly I have found that the Onhub and its meshed points are happier (more stable, better throughput and a better ability to reconnect if disconnected) if they all sit on the same subnet. Instead of having a single IP available on the native GWIFI subnet, I suggest have the meshed points on this network as well. for primary router, 1.2 for meshed point A, 1.3 for meshed point B, (etc) and 1.4 for Firewalla.

    Best practice for doing this is:

    1. Unplug all lan side cables (keep the ISP connection plugged in)

    2. Change WiFi SSID or P/W so devices are booted from network. 

    3. Change internal ip range (example 192.168.86.x to 192.168.1.x)  and also limit IPs. Essentially this is number of meshed nodes + Firewalla, or 3 usable IPs for a 3 node mesh network. If you dont change the network range, you will find Google will continue to assign out IPs, ignoring the limitations you put in place. You may also find that your meshed points are not given sequential local addresses which is important. 

    4. Reboot, validate that you have a new IP range. (Pro-tip, you configure Gwifi over the public internet and not the LAN, so use a cellular connection to keep your phone from grabbing a local IP)

    5. Plug in Firewalla and allow it to boot. 

    6. Ensure monitoring it turned off for meshed points. (This may be important, may not be but I would not skip it)

    7. Reserve Firewalla's IP in Google app. (likely .4)

    8. Reboot again, and verify setting in Gwifi have taken.

    9. Ensure that Firewalla is in DHCP mode. 

    10. Plug in wired ethernet devices. 

    11. Change back SSID/PW do wireless devices can reconnect. 

    12. You may want to reboot both Firewalla and Gwifi- the Gwifi reboot will trigger wireless devices that did not automatically reconnect themselves to get back onto the network. 

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