Netgear RAXE 300 in conjunction with firewalla gold router firewall


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    Michael Bierman

    Hi @Mark, 

    The RAXE 300 router supports AP mode which is the best option if wanted to add FWG in router mode. This is a high level of how this setup works.

    You will be able to use the ethernet ports on the RAXE 300 as you have and of course, Wi-Fi.

    In terms of access control by mac address, you may be able to continue to use the RAXE 300 to limit access—you should confirm that with Netgear. But FWG also has a Quarantine feature built in so you can say, "don't give access to X to any unrecognized device" where X is whatever you define. You could allow internet but bar local network access, for example or ban all connections from unknown devices. 

    Some routers don't allow guest networks when they are used in AP mode so confirm with Netgear that it is still available in AP mode (i think the answer is yes but it is good to confirm.) 

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