External Pi-hole not working


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    James Willhoite

    I have the same setup. FWG and PiHole installed as a VM on my server. Have 3 networks setup, but I don't have an issue. In the network settings, I have 2 of the 3 networks DNS set as the PiHole and a then the PiHole will forward anything it can't resolve to my own DNS, which in turn forwards to some preset DNS if it can't resolve. I would make sure the DNS booster is turned off in the FWG for the PiHole Device, then give the FWG a good ol' reboot to see if that helps at all. 

    Snapshot of my config for my main LAN network, PiHole is at .2.3 and I have my DSN as secondary incase PiHole is down for some reason.

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