Preconfigure FW for easy remote install?


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    Michael Bierman

    Not really, but..

    Firewalla has no way to create devices that it has never seen. What does "seen" mean? The Firewalla box has a MAC address for the device. Once a device comes on a Firewalla network you can: 

    • Reserve IPs. 
    • Create rules 
    • Add or delete it from Device Groups
    • etc. 

    However, you don't need physical access to the device for any of that. You can configure the Firewalla with the right kind of WAN (ideally DHCP) and maybe even things like VLANs (if that's going to be necessary) before sending it to an out of the way location. That can all be done in advance. Once it arrives you can configure the items that relate to specific devices described above. 

    If the final destination uses Static IP you can configure that easily enough before sending it away. 
    If the final destination uses PPPoE I don't know if you can complete the setup before sending it off because where you are would have different settings. My network doesn't allow me to test this use case. 

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