Setting up Netgear WAX214PA as AP with Firewalla Gold?


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    Michael Bierman

    So looking at their user guide, here's a few things to check: 

    1. It says to use a PoE switch but it also shows a power adapter? I would think one or the other, but not both but so far I haven't seen why their instructions specify PoE if they give you a power adapter? I'm assuming you have power, so moving on. :) 
    2. I assume you joined the management Wi-Fi as described?
    3. It looks like you can go to (if need be temporarily change your FWG to use to make the process easier. They do mention but that seems to a link to the IP so no cloud service seems to be required for setup. 
    4. Check to see if Firewalla sees the Wi-Fi device and that it isn't quarantined.
    5. Also check to see if the device shows any flows in Firealla (e.g. if it checks for firmware updates). 
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