can I create a single vlan that spans across multiple firewalla gold ports?


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    Michael Bierman

    Can I create these 3 VLANs that span across multiple FWG ports?

    Yes, with a managed switch. Here's the idea: 

    Say you have FWG (port 1)  connected to a managed switch. Connected to that switch you have an IoT device (e.g. a printer or camera) and a computer (not IoT). 

    ISP > FWG  (port 4)

    FWG (port 1) > switch port 1

    This will be a trunk port meaning traffic tagged for IoT or the regular LAN can go from FWG to the switch. You need to tell both the switch and Firewalla that this is what you are doing. 

    Now you configure the switch: 

    Switch port 2 > Printer Tell the switch that all traffic on this port is for the IoT VLAN

    Switch port 3 > computer tell the switch that all traffic on this port is for the regular LAN

    In your case you also have WVLANs. You need to tell ui which VLAN  each SSID is responsible for. There is no way to trunk WVLANs. an SSID is associated with a single VLAN.  

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