Should we consider Firewalla a security device? What expectations should we have?


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    Very Good Question. 

    First, we do not believe cyber security is an on or off thing, it is evolving and like securing your home in the physical world, will change due to the risks you are encountering. Meaning, each person is different, each family and business is different, and personal beliefs are different. 

    As one of our wise mentors said long ago,

    The only way to be cyber secure is to turn off the power and throw away anything electronic and cage yourself in a faraday cage ... 

    Now, this may be extreme, our philosophy on cyber security is to help you (our customers) to manage "risk". There is no single technology that can do everything, so we divided our cyber security strategy into three

    1. Visibility, to identify risk.

    2. Control, to reduce the attack surface

    3. Protect, using intelligence to dynamically reduce risk

    Each of the articles will have some details, if you all like them, or have feedbacks, please let me know.

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