Firewalla Purple Tether Mode



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    Dave Taylor

    The guide provides a general overview but doesn't go through the exact sequence of steps, which is I think what the OP was asking.  To set up your phone as a failover WAN connection, starting with your standard WAN connection already active:

    1. Turn on the WiFi hotspot on your phone, typically it's under "Connections and Sharing" or something similar.  Record the AP name and password for the hotspot.
    2. In the Firewalla app, go to Create Network -> WAN Connection via WiFi.
    3. Connect to your phone hotspot.

    The WiFi connection will be set up as a failover with no further config necessary.  At this point you can turn the hotspot off again until you need it.  The first time you fire up the Firewalla app after turning off the hotspot it'll warn that the backup WAN is down, you can dismiss the warning since you won't need it enabled unless your primary WAN goes down.

    Overall it's a pretty neat feature :-).

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