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    Cody Dell

    It is not as cool looking as others will be I am sure, but it works very well.  Router Mode, Comcast to Purple to Orbi

    This is my shot to win some Gold :)


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    Travis Gill

    Firewalla Gold in Router Mode

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    Firewalla Gold in Router Mode
    Spectrum -> Firewalla -> Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro -> 24 port switch for all hardwire devices -> Ubiquiti Long Range WiFi 6 AP,  and 5 port PoE switch for cameras

    Primary network, WiFi, VPN, and IoT devices are managed by Firewalla Gold using multiple VLANs and network segmentation. Love the capabilities of the FWG and being able to manage all devices, configure local network settings with ease, and feeling safe and secure while my wife and I are working from home daily. The insights and ability to control devices through the FWG cannot be compared to any other device that I've found.

    Complete Apple HomeKit user. All items such as indoor cameras, door locks, thermostat, outlets, bulbs, light bars, light switches, other home hubs all work flawlessly. Took a little configuration on the FWG and network policies, but finally got to a robust, stable environment and can't complain at all with performance and throughput.

    Local NAS storage for NVR, Movies, Local File Shares, Computer Backups, etc. Philips Hue and Ikea Tradfri hubs as well.

    Mac Mini running Plex Server, PiHole Server, and Zabbix for monitoring all network devices

    Intel NUC Hades Canyon i7HVK running Windows Server OS for a local domain controller, etc.

    UPS backup for all devices and 5.1 surround sound in home office through optical audio

    Loved adding the FWG to my home setup. I will never look back and foresee a Firewalla product being in my network stack for a long time coming.


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    Firewalla Gold... in Router Mode... direct connection are:

    MBP M1 Max via OWC TB3 Dock

    Amplifi Alien for wifi

    10GbE Switch for all wired devices

    All device with Ethernet are wired. Wireless only for IoT devices and handhelds.

    Love the Firewalla Gold and I just want to have the time, and knowledge, to sit down and "utilize" it more.

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    Hi, I currently run a Gateway Router with a FW Blue (70Mbps/18Mbps). A FW Gold in Router mode then handles my Home network: all wired devices in the home, and wifi is provided by Unifi APs controlled by a Unifi controller (not pictured). Approx: 90 devices managed by FW Gold. iSP through to WIFI connectivity UPS protected.

    Use of Gateway Router was due to early adoption and ISP protocol issues. Luckily I don’t have any Double Nat issues and no bandwidth reduction from the FW Blue, but I would like to replace it with a FW Purple at some point or remove the Gateway. The Fingboxes offer some functionality that FW don’t provide currently, but hope they will soon 👍

    Basic network connectivity: physical install, right to left.


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    David Whitlinger

    Here's my home network....  I built a custom shelving cabinet in our garage to house it and put plexiglass around it to protect it from dust and meddling from our kids...

    The bottom shelf is a battery uninterrupted power supply and all of the network devices are running off of it.  We have a lot of high wind storms here in Washington and the power blinks on/off for a fraction of a second several times whenever there is a storm....but our network just continues to run without a burp or reboot.

    The network itself is pretty simple.... Netgear Nighthawk Modem connects directly to the Firewalla Gold running in full router mode and then everything else hangs off of and is managed by the Gold.  Any stationary device has a wired connection via the dumb switches (top shelf)....desktop computers, TV boxes, printer, etc.  Next to the Firewalla is a Hubitat home hub for Z-Wave home automation (light switches, etc.) and then next to the Hubitat is an Orbi Mesh Wifi.  There is an Orbi mesh satellite on the opposite end of the house with a wired backhaul connection back to the main Orbi access point.  The Orbi is running in AP mode, not router mode.

    I haven't segmented out the network yet, but that is why I bought the Gold.  Currently we don't have any bottlenecks or bandwidth issues that require prioritization rules or subnetting.... I am using Groups in order to use Rules such that I can limit the time the boys spend gaming and can shutdown all of their devices at bedtime.  As we add more IoT devices, I'll probably create a separate "home automation" net.

    We also make extensive use of the Gold as a is amazing the volume of nonsense and/or dangerous traffic that the Gold stops dead before it comes close to our personal devices.  This increases the speed of the devices tremendously....and we don't have to run separate firewall software on each compute device....we trust Firewalla Gold to be the firewall and run free and secure on our side of the wall.


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    Ios Hex

    Charter --> purple --> Netgear GS105Ev2 (managed) --> local and IoT vlans

    Netgear Orbi on the local vlan in access point mode

    Not seen is an old wifi router in access point mode on the IoT vlan for Ecobee, Aquanta, LIFX 

    Anything cool?

    For the IoT network, using Smart Queue Rules to limit upload and download bandwidth and Rules to limit access to the main network. mDNS reflector is working well to pass homekit traffic between the networks. 

    On the main network, Smart Queue is used to prioritize work from home devices and video conf apps.

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    Derek Breydin

    Hello from Sunny Scotland!!

    Here is my small home server\network set up running Firewalla Gold.

    It consists of 1 Cable modem\router set in modem only mode (ISP is virginmedia 360Mbps down 36Mbps up), connected to Firewalla in router mode, I then have a Netgear GS724TV4 switch which links to another switch (GS728TPv2) this has not long been added and it is mainly to add some POE devices like access points and camera's, currently only running the 1 access point.

    I have various devices connected wired and wirelessly, the 2 HP Gen8 micro servers are running HyperV with some VM's, the VM's include 2 Windows server 2016 domain controllers, 1 Windows server 2016 server set up as a file server which is then replicated to the second micro server, this is mainly to deliver roaming profiles and folder redirection to any windows PC's in my home, a cyberpower UPS attached to all this and a small Minix NGC1 PC which is attached to the UPS and switches, this small PC also helps deliver some home automation capabilities as well as monitoring the UPS, on the Gen 8 Micro server there is also a linux server VM which delivers a docker environment for some containerization as well as running hassio (Home Assistant) I am also running smartthings & hubitat hubs for some more smart home automation along wifi multiple ZigBee and Wi-Fi devices, I also have a windows 10 VM on each Micro servers, there is also a QNAP NAS used for back up and file storage, there is also x2 raspbery pi zero's, one wired directly which I am using for Pi-Hole and a wake on lan server which helps wakes up certain devices when it powers up should there be a power outage, I then have a Unifi U6-LR which is currently delivering Wi-Fi around my end of terraced 3 bedroom house here in Scotland.

    I have my network split up into different segments, currently I have a my core network which I class as VLAN1, I then have VLAN 50 for IOT devices and and VLAN100 for guest Wi-Fi, I am always looking to add and build to my set up, I plan to add CCTV under another VLAN as well as some ventilation and fans into that small cupboard as I have a temperature sensor inside my home made rack and behind my microserver which I plan to use too cool the cupboard when certain temperatures are met.

    I have automated the full shutdown process in the event of a power outage, I have a device which connects to mains power that has a battery back up which links up to my smart home system and if it has to change to battery it will start various countdowns for shutting down the attached devices (Including Firewalla Gold), there is probably a lot more stuff that I have forgotten to add in here but hopefully you get the general idea of my set up, I am into automation as a hobbyist and always looking to improve my set up and build on it, hope you all like it :)

    P.S. sorry for such the long post I got a little carried away and kept forgetting to add things in so the post just grew the more looked at the picture to help me detail the set up, as above there is probably items I have forgotten to mention too!





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    Sukumar Patel

    Hi all,

    Here is my submission. I am using FWG in router mode in dual WAN configuration. My primary ISP is Airtel (1Gbps symmetrical) and the secondary failover is One Broadband (100Mbps symmetrical). 


    I have 2 TPLink EAP245's, which are VLAN aware and serve almost the entire house. One corner in my home office, has poor wifi coverage, so I have a TPLink Archer C6 in AP mode, connected to one of the ports on the switch and serving a single VLAN. 


    Here is my complete network layout. 



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    Firewalla blue in DHCP mode. Attached to 5G router. Giving me 500 Mbps speed


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    Eric Fortin

    Here's my network setup, it really is a mess but everything is working fine. I just need to make it look nice but honestly, it is in the workshop next to the electrical panel, no one goes there.
    - Fizz ISP Router in modem-mode, hanging from the ceiling, attached with Ty-wraps
    - D-Link DSR-250 gigabit router
    - Firewalla Blue Plus
    - Samsung SmartThing first generation
    - Philips Hue
    - Lutron Caseta Wireless
    - 3 other wired routers to expand the network to our offices and the living room where we have game consoles.

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    john oconnell

    my current setup is as followed ISP SPECTRUM 120MBITS (#sad) HA! but the best that iv got in my area that works more often then not

    for my 1250sqft home a tp link 16-port unmanaged giga-switch

    an a tp-link ac4000 wifi router in ap mode (best in a long time iv had for wifi but not great)

    for my 10 devices 6 wired an 4 wifi

    FWG is configured as


    Router Mode

    IP ALLOCATIONS for the wireless are set to ( reserved )

    IP ALLOCATIONS for the wired are set to ( reserved )

    ( active protact mode ) in strict mode

    ( adblock ) in default mode

    DNS BOOSTER - ON for all devices etc printer

    DOH - on all devices / servers all but google

    SMART QUEUE - ENABLED /applied for shield/pc/roku

    custom blocks are enabled for facebook,an some others


    upgrade plans are

    1 x Switch 8 (60W) - US-8-60W 8 Switch (60W) for poe use 4 of my 6 wired devices

    2 would be poe (flex mini an ap )

    1 x Switch Flex Mini - USW-Flex-Mini - an the 2 remaining wired devices (voip phone & network printer)

    1 x Access Point AC Lite - UAP-AC-LITE-US for my 4 wifi devices (two tablets 10in,8in,smart phone, roku express 4k )

    ap would go in the center of the hallway on the ceiling

    vs the current tp-link router in ap mode an also upgrading from my unmanaged 16 port giga-switch by tp link

    i think this would pair an work better with my FWG an reduce clutter an two extra power cords, ie

    (flex mini an ap )


    ill post new pix when done



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    Tim Heichel

    Functional Chaos Inventory:

    Firewalla Gold

    Orbi Wfi Router

    2 Rasp Pi boxes

    1 Dell Hypervisor


    KVM setup with 7 Monitors


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    mattias ohman

    Say hello to my beautiful network. I put great care to put everything just the way i like it.

    It's your normal modem router firewalla blue+ another router with dedicated vpn for korean netflix because ex girlfriend and another router thing that sucked so hard its not plugged in. It get to look at real network equipment as punishment. In the mix is also a bucket of holiday pictures that no one will ever look at even though it is ever so easily accesible on the RAID network drive. 

    The firewalla is running in "simple" mode but we prefer to call it sophisticated around here. I use firewalla so i can reach my network from anywhere and use different VPNs for different devices and i like to have a hardware firewall between me and the rest of the interwebs.


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    Panos Ips

    Firewalla Blue running in Simple Mode

    The custom housing also will hosts 2 raspberry-pi servers and I windows board PC

    I need constantly running unix/windows headless servers with low power consumption as possible.

    Also there is a super capacitor installed that acts as UPS (10-13 mins power) for the boards and Firewalla.

    My current core network setup:



    I'm thinking of switching to DCHP (because there is no option for bridge mode unfortunately)

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    not great, not terrible, but it's been keeping my network safe since 2019. fiber in the router, firewalla and repeater out. i'm a simple person, i like my stuff direct. also, i just noticed how much dust there is, OMG, brb, vacuuming

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    D Hough

    Nothing fancy here but functional!  Safe browsing, and parental controls.  High tech teen son has had limited success bypassing but has 'encouraged' me to learn more features to implement!

    • Exposed in Basement
    •     Fiber to the house
    •     Rack mount (Air Conditioner Housing that I will need again come summer)
    •         Asus 3100 Router using Open DNS Family
    •         Ooma Phone System
    • Locked home office, out of sight behind wood file cabinet
    •     Firewall Blue Plus in Simple Mode
    •         15 currently active devices with 2 in quarantine
    •         34 rules

    We have 500 Mbps coming to the router but have had trouble getting past 300 Mbps to the office and gaming PC via ethernet Cat 6 cable hence the temp rack.  We have had 500 Mbps in the past via ethernet and have been trying various routers ( Asus RT-AC68U, LinkSys EA6350, EA6500 and EA6900).

    Speeds are the same with and without Firewalla.

    Welcome suggestions on testing cables for max speed....

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    J J Sloan

    The rat's nest.

    From the top: Firewalla Gold, DSL connection, cable modem connection

    Simplified network layout -

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    Firewalla Gold in Router mode. Spectrum modem to Router and from there to switch. 4 wired tp-link decos around the house. Overall 76 devices connected (between wireless and wired). This closet is located in my laundry room (basement of the house).

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    Home network:

    AT&T Modem/Router >> Netgear Nighthawk X6S >> Firewalla Blue Plus (DHCP mode)

    (please pardon the dust)

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    Armand Welsh

    A bit messy and dusty.  I have not looked down there in a while, so thanks for that.  haha. time to break out the carpet shampooer and hand vac again...   I did not clean this up for the photo, as I wanted it to represent how it looks on a daily basis.  The whole thing sits on a small bench I found on Amazon, which allows my feet to be unobstructed.  The back side of the bench hosts as 24 outlet power strip.  I do have plans to make this all more presentable, when I replace my office desk with a more modern computer desk, as I am using a writing desk for now.


    Cable Modem -> EdgeRouter ER-X

    • Firewalla Blue
    • AmpliFi Instant Wifi Mesh in bridging mode
    • TP-Link 16 port Managed Switch

    TP-Link 16 Port Managed Switch 

    • Hue Bridge
    • Hubitat Elevation C3 - Smart Home integrations hub
    • Hubitat Elevation C7 - Z-Wave, Zigbee, rules engine hub
    • Blink for Home bridge
    • Bond Hub - Controls Ceiling Fans
    • Kevo Plus hub
    • Synology NAS with Seagate USB backup drive (dual gigabit, bonded link)


    When the Firewall purple arrives, it will lie between my ER-X and my home network.  I am on the fence about putting my smart home devices on a separate VLAN due to the changes necessary, but that is an option now, and under the new Firewalla purple when it arrives I will consider more.

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    Chris Wallace

    Home office setup w/ voice lab. Voice Architect managing a platform w/ 125K+ endpoints.

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    Kevin Bojonny

    Messy. Firewalla Blue running on network with Orbi Mesh and multiple switches. 

    2nd Picture is my Skyminer DIY setup. 

    Really need to update to a newer Firewalla, and do some clean up.....


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    Paul Charles


    Firewalla Gold (Router Mode)

    Comcast to Firewalla Gold (for data access) and Comcast to MoCA Bridge to Gold (for cable boxes data access).
    CAT6 hardwired home
    10GB switch (for data access and computers)
    1GB switch (for Home Automation devices, Echo's, etc)
    (2) Aruba AP515's (for IOT and mobile devices)
    HomeAssistant for automation (Ring, GoVee, Hue & Smart Appliances)
    QNap h1688x (for data storage)
    Full UHD capable audio video setup (7.4.2 in-wall/floor speakers)

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    Chris ORorke


    Here is my setup. 55" 8K monitor, Netgear GB Smart Switch, Dual WAN - Cable (Primary) and DSL (Backup) both plugged into Firewall Gold which is then plugged into my PC and then to my Netgear Wifi 6 router. Various other gear lying around. Love my Firewalla although it would be nice to be able to add 3 WAN ports instead of just two so I couldcombine two of them into a Load Balance and use the third as my backup. Anyways, hope you like it.


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    I'm running the Firewalla Blue+ at the moment in DHCP mode.

    I have a standalone Motorola cable modem connected to an ASUS XT8 that goes into my Netgear switch. The Firewalla and 14 ethernet drops all go into the switch. The ethernet ports go to each room where I have Apple TVs, computers, a Synology backup drive, etc. The main XT8 has two additional nodes, with one running over the 5GHz-2 Wifi 6 backhaul, and the second node has an ethernet backhaul.

    The Raspberry Pi in the picture runs HOOBS so I can use my smart devices within the HomeKit ecosystem. I'm considering setting that up with Docker on the Firewalla.

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    Orkun Kenber

    Firewalla Gold Rocks !

    I am using firewalla gold as router mode.


    Fiber 1GB downUp <--> Firewalla Gold --> UDMP

    is the best home solution ever ;)


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    Neil Moloney

    FW Gold in Router mode
    Yes, it's messy! I live in an apartment and can't be bothered making it pretty...

    So in keeping with the actual messiness, here is a messy NW diagram. I have a failover only because my apartment complex charges me for a pretty dismal 200/5Mbps Xfiniti connection which they won't let me out of. So on top of being charged $107/mth for THAT mess, I also pay for CenturyLink 1/1Gbps as my primary. The apartment came with ethernet pre-wired, but no switch, so I had to add a tiny little switch in my distribution box as well. The pre-wiring is not as extensive or as well thought out as I'd have liked, hence the need for Powerline Adapters, which work great even when streaming in 4K to the Raspberry Pi!

    When I grow up, I'll have my own place where I can wire whatever I want - the Firewalla Gold will definitely remain central to my network, unless I have to upgrade because I do something silly like 2.5 or 10Gbps networking...

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    Timo Schmidt

    Running Experimental Simple Mode in Alpha.
    And yes: it's messy and I will install the (1. Ed.) Gold at some point.

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    Andre Furtado

    Because when you done a job well (Firewalla) no one knows you have done anything at all. It’s all about not being there. security that you can finally say “out of sight out of mind”

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