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    1. Yes, when you setup WAN on the Gold, you can specify the VLAN ID.

    2. You can reserve IP's for devices on your network.

    3. DDNS and UPnP are supported.

    4. IPv6 is fully supported

    5. Which ISP are you using? As far as we know, we know providers will NAT ipv4, but removing it completely, we have not seen. Is the MAP-T. (You sure this MAP-T runs on the router or within the service provider?)

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    ISP is Sky (comcast company) in Italy. Yes, they ask for a CPE supporting MAP-T.

    They're using Sky UK's IPV4 range but they want them back :) 

    These are the mandatory requirements, valid when they'll switch to IPV6 only:

    • Protocol IPoE IPv4/IPv6
    • NAT: MAP-T Mapping of Address and Port, Translation mode (RFC7599)

    Would be great if you guys add support to MAP-T

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