DHCP server failing to assign static IP addresses



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    I experienced a similar issue when a rogue second DHCP server appeared out of the blue on my network. I was able to identify the issue by running the fing windows client (Fing Desktop | Network toolkit and scanner | Fing); it turns out that my obihai ip-phone box was moved and the ethernet cable got plugged in the wrong port which comes with its own DHCP server and natted subnet... 

    going back to your specific problem:

    • as a rule of thumb, for servers, NAS  and printers , you might be better off configuring them with static IP instead of dhcp clients. Also keep these static IPs below the DHCP range
    • is your issue only impacting this specific device or does it apply to other systems as well on the network.
    • when this happens, have you tried to ping the reserved IP to check if something else is using it?
    • does your NAS has more than 1 ethernet interface? (if yes are they sharing the same MAC or using dedicated MAC addresses for bonding for instance)


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    Hi FF. There's no other DHCP server on the home network and the allocated IPs are always in the range set for the Blue's DHCP range. Yep I've come to the conclusion that I'll need to set the static IP of each device on the device itself. It's so annoying because this issue doesn't happen if I use the static IP allocation function of the home router when that's the DHCP server, and just a cheap and cheerful ISP provided one.

    To answer your queries further:

    1. So far I've seen that issue I think all of the devices that the Blue is supposed to be allocating static IPs to, so that's the NAS, four cameras (each at one time or another), a printer and an EOP access point

    2. When it happens the chosen static IP is unreachable and so I assume isn't allocated

    3. The NAS has only one LAN port and that's its connection to the LAN (so no WIFI adaptor)


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