Block or Limit Crowdstrike Access



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    Chris Hewitt

    If it's a company laptop then your employer should be able to do what they want with it and install what they want on it. Falcon is only there to protect you. Why do you not want Falcon keeping you safe? What are you doing on your company laptop that you don't want the company to know about. Falcon can only be uninstalled if you have a unique token for a specific machine.

    Something doesn't sound right here?

    Full transparency: I run my company's Crowdstrike Falcon infrastructure.

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    Ryan Hopkins

    Remember, when you sign the employment agreement you've legally exclaimed that all data present on company devices is the property of the company. If you log in to personal services, that data is still subject to the agreement and available to your management through any installed sensor or implant. 

    Simple solution: Go buy a second hand device. Leave work on your work device, and leave personal things on your personal device or suffer the consequences.

    Full transparency: I manage SolarWinds implants at my company. (Yes yes yes, SolarWinds....don't make fun of me. I didn't implement it.)

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