GOLD: VPN - H323 for my remote office IP phones stopped working after 1.971 was automatically installed last night



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    Try to turn off and on NAT passthrough for H323, also check if there are anything need to be done on your voice to open ports (allow rules) for voice traffic.

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    Trond Steen Sæthre

    NBNB! FIXED: "Workaround" that probably should hav been used from the start. Please add to "best practice" of setting up Firewalla as a multioffice network?

    Initiating the VPN tunnel from the main office to the remote office allows the main office to see all devices in the remote office without any NAT. Adding a rule that allows the devices in remote office to access main office resolves the ping/RDP in that direction. All phones in local main office register with 10.0.0.x and all phones register in remote office register with 10.0.1.x.



    NBNBNB! If you have "old" Allow rules that allow network traffic from VPN tunnes "initiated the other direction, from remote office" (from a tunnel that is established from remote office.) The rule does not work (with the VPN initiated from opposite direction, just check with PING). Delete the rule and make the same rule a new.

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