Alarm Mute for Large Bandwidth Usage



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    I would love to see this as well.  I have a NAS that downloads backups from hosts on the internet and that gets backed up periodically to a cloud storage provider and get a ton of these types of alarms.  I don't want to mute the alarm as a whole as it could be indicative of a problem, but would love the ability to add hosts to a mute/allow list so I don't get alerted for those systems.

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    Have there been any updates to this? I'm not sure what the criteria is for Large Bandwidth Usage. It appears to trigger if a single system within some duration, like 2 hours, falls outside that timeframe's baseline. Large Bandwidth Usage may not be "large bandwidth" for that machine to a specific destination, but because it falls outside that 2 hour window's baseline it gets triggered. I have (had) specific machines that consistently get triggered for consuming 80%+ of the network bandwidth in the past 2 hours because they're the only machines being used at the time. I've since muted them. Is there a way to customize these alerts further? I'm trying to figure out a better way to manage these types of alerts, but I'm coming up short.

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