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    Chris, you rock!  Thank you for the detailed writeup.

    Maybe I'm just completely clueless, but have you found a way to make an alias actually work?

    I've tried editing .bashrc and creating a .bash_aliases but zero luck is having it actually work.

    The use case is with NMON.  I'm trying to launch NMON with specific flags.

    I've edited .bashrc to include the following:

    export nmon=cCmnd


    I then log out and log back in via SSH, but it doesn't stick.



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    Chris Hewitt

    Hmmm ... promise you won’t tell anyone?

    Did you update ~/.bashrc or in /home/pi/.bashrc ? Did you run it after your changes (source).

    Check out ~/firewalla/scripts/ . Lots of goodies to be had there. Might even be a better place for your alias.

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