Experiences with AVM Fritz!Box 6951 Cable - help with IPv6 on FW Blue



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    JF Gregoire

    Same issue here. But my fritzbox 6591 is in Simple Mode -> debuged by Fiwaralla Support. According to them, no issue.

    Also same issue on a 7490 (VDSL), also in Simple Mode -> not debugged yet

    Because of the IGMP constant changes, I switched the FW Blue off


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    Easy L. R.

    Hi, s far as understand IPv6 is still in an early stage on Firewalla.

    I had some issues where request have not been blocked/filtered on my iDevices. I hve now disabled IPv6 on my Fritz!Box 7590. Settings are under (German):

    • Heimnetz
    • Netzwerk
    • Netzwerkeinstellungen
    • IPv6-Konfiguration
    • Unique Local Addresses -> Keine Unique Local Addresses (ULA) zuweisen
    • DHCPv6-Server in der Firtz!Box deaktivieren
    • DasM- und das O-Flag in den Router Advertisment-Nachrichten der Fritz!Box aktivieren (SLAAC nicht möglich)

    The message in the Firewalla app is still visible, but my devices seem to get no IPv6-Address. I have checked this with the app Net Analyzer (disconnected Wifi, reconnected, also renewed DHCP Lease).

    Block/Monitoring of google.com works now as expected.

    Hope this helps.

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