About the LAN ports (and VLAN) on Firewalla Gold


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    1. Yes, a switch to the Firewalla Gold is the best way to scale your LAN.  Ours is connecting to a Netgear PoE switch.

    2. Firewalla gold does support bridging two ports together.  But, you probably do not want to do this, it will degrade performance. And the reason is the Firewalla Gold is a very efficient layer 3 router, it is not optimized to do basic switching.   Unless you want to do segmentation at layer 3 (IP layer).  

    So ... one of the test environment we  have is

    1. main network: connected to LAN3 via a Netgear gigabit switch with a couple of 10G ports.   The 10G ports connect to our test host, and a test NAS.  Our main wifi (eero) is connected to the Netgear gigabit switch.  (All the other eero units are backhaul into this switch)  

    Here, anything that needs high-speed access to data will be in this network.

    2. IoT network, we have a smaller PoE switch that feeds to two access points, and all the cameras are connected to this network and are isolated from the main network.

    3. Kids network + guest, this is just a simple TPLink AP that does SSID to VLAN mapping, and that is directly connected to Firewalla's ethernet port.   We also placed a few speakers here to test out the mDNS reflector. 


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