Possible Beta issue



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    Likely to be something else.  The beta branch for red/blue been sitting for 30 days now (4/26 PST).  (we may drop another set of fix and off to production soon.).  

    If you are using Eero, have you made any changes to configuration?  We were debugging this with another customer, the way that mixed most problems are

    1. disable eero lab features

    2. disable eero secure

    3. disable homekit 

    Then do a reboot.  

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    Michael Bierman

    I am using eero. Their new firmware hasn’t come to us yet, so no change there.

    the only lab feature we have is band steering and we haven’t changed that. I can try turning it off though. 
    we don’t use eero secure as that makes no sense (to me) with firewalla.

    since eero is not our router, we can’t use eero’s homekit support. 

    ill try turning off eero band steering, but we have used that for a year and had no issues.

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