Could the switch be causing a slow down with Firewalla Blue?


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    When you notice a slow down, here are a few things to look at

    1. Testing: make sure you do not have noise in the back ground. Example, if you are streaming couple of video's, it may take out 20 to 60mbits.

    2. Testing: best is to test via ethernet, wifi testing may not be consistent.

    If there are slow downs with device in monitor and no monitor mode

    1. If the slow down is significant, say from 500 mbit to 100 mbit and you have the Blue, please check ethernet connection, make sure it is not 100mbit.

    2. There may be a compatibility issue, check

    3. Reboot your router. We have seen routers having problems with spoof, a reboot will fix this

    You can find more ways to debug this problem here

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