Firewalla blocking PC's traffic


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    Firewalla does not block "firewalla traffic", so it is not possible 

    A better way to debug is looking through the services

    1. Firewalla does not have rules that automatically block devices.  If this happens, check your rules.  And if this is your first-time installation and you are running Simple Mode, it can be a compatibility issue.  see

    2. Next, try to turn monitoring off on the device that's blocked.  This will remove the device traffic from Firewalla, hence no rule is effective.  If this does not turn traffic back on, it is a compatibility problem go to (1).

    3. In (2) if your problem went away,  Please try to look at 

     a. turn off ad block, family mode

     b. check rules and see if there are anything that's blocking


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