How Does Firewalla Benefit Without a Subscription Fee?


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    There is no "artificial device" limit in Firewalla ... the limit is only by the hardware you buy and how you utilize that piece of hardware.   We have seen our customers using Firewalla red with hundreds of devices ... 

    Subscription obviously is a good thing, but it is really not mandatory to make a business running.   For example, none of the routers (other than those rent through your ISP) charges you monthly fees... yet, they are all happily producing better routers.   

    And more importantly, the 'secret' to our success (or at least surviving) is we listen to our customers. If you research a bit, all of our products were born from crowdfunding via Kickstarter or Indiegogo.   This means, before we even had anything, we had customers, hence we are day-zero customer-driven.  By being customer-driven, it means, we do not waste on things that are not important ... and only focus on what the majority want.   And we are really good at listening ... and also at taking care of our customers.   


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