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    If you mean to export the logs or alerts, we don't have that capability yet.   But the item is definitely on the list to do

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    Антон Панасенко

    I thinking what's actionable steps I could do with alarm like "Abnormal upload from device X". 

    And I have the choice to trust the device and corporation behind it and mute them, but looks like it's not very good behavior because it leads me to mute every alarm like this and make them annoying noise. 

    What I would like to have, it's a feature to inspecting somehow this "Abnormal upload" and understand what's inside. At very basic, this feature could dump this blobs to internal/external storage to feature audit by customer. 

    In the future, it could try to understand content inside the blob and give UI from app to audit content, like if your doorbell strat uploading content to external service, I would like to see what is it, it's video? picture? what's inside?

    https/tls connection could potentially be terminated or routed through a proxy on the device.

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    Understood, we are hoping to improve this alarm with more info in the future.    

    It is not possible for us to look inside the https data.    Although it is possible to insert a certificate on your laptop (to do the proxy on our box), it is not possible to do it with say your Alex speakers.  Without doing that, it is absolutely impossible to unwrap https traffic and do a proxy.   We have a few algorithms, that we are thinking of, and due to time, hopefully the upload alarms will get better


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