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    Double check if you have any rules "tap on rules button", and see if you have any blocking rules.   (double check, game block, social block ... family mode ...) 

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    Buni Rock


    I have a similar issue to this one but in my case the setup is a bit different. I'll try to describe it step-by-step


    - I own 2 PS4 for playing together with my friend.

    - Both of them are connected via WLAN from main router - internet connection is fine; both systems could connect to playstation network

    - Once we try playing something, e.g Conan Exiles; the client PS4 is not able to connect to the server PS4. Sometimes it succeeds but after few minutes it gets disconnected.

    - After disconnecting Firewalla Blue, we can game without any other problems.


    - use a network extender and configure it as a standalone Access point (from main router, connect the network extender via cable and create a new wireless network).

    - keep Firewalla connected to the main router.

    - connect PS4 systems on the newly created WLAN

    - start playing, e.g Conan Exiles; this time there are no more issues and we can play without being disconnected

    - Firewalla sends a gaming notification for the newly discovered device from the network, the network extender.

    - using this setup, Firewalla doesn't know what is behind the newly added network and all the traffic coming from the new network is visible in firewalla as the network extender device.

    Firewalla does block/filter some communication and this leads to disconnects.

    If there is something I can do in order to help you to find the root cause of the issue, please let me know.




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