Firewalla Box: Update Overview



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    -How do Firewall boxes receive updates? Are they pushed to the box or are they downloaded/installed via the Firewall app?

    1. Firewalla receives updates automatically.  When it upgrades, you will get a notification.  

    -Can customers opt-out of updates?

    2. Customers can not opt-out updates.  It takes too much effort managing different releases, we'd like to spend that time bring you exciting features. 

    -Does the Ubuntu OS (and the tech stack between the OS and Firewalla) get updates from Firewalla too?

    3. Parts of the base OS may upgrade.  We do not encourage people to apt-get update ... it likely will kill a few things in the kernel.

    -How often do updates get released for Firewall boxes?

    4. Bigger releases are 2 to 3 months.  Little patches may happen at any time.  The 2 to 3-month release cycle likely add more features.  The 1.963 (current in beta) has a ton of features ... that's why it is slow getting from beta to production.

    -Do updates occur at a certain time of day/night?

    5. Updates should happen your night, likely when people are sleeping

    -I presume some updates require the Firewall box to be rebooted?

    6. So far we engineer the box to not reboot.  But in the future "very major" upgrade may require a quick reboot.  So far in the 2 years operation time, we never reboot any box ... don't you just love good engineering :)

    -Are Firewalla box updates in lock-step with the iOS/Android app updates?

    There is a sequence ... and something we are experimenting still 


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    Brian Adler

    How is base OS kept secure?

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