ARP Spoofing



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    Keeping in-mind the technology behind these types of devices and how they came into existence, yes there's going to be some level of suspiciousness involved but that aspect is mainly from the "ease of use" for the average consumer (home users in this case) to plug-and-play. 

    You'd think modern routers had this basic ability or counter measures but they do not. I was blow away how easy Firewalla was to integrate during my initial experience. Upon plugging it in, it took over and became authoritative (in simple mode) and I was none the wiser. Most home users have the same router they were initially provided during signup with their ISP (years prior) thus the reason there is a need for such a product.

    I have integrated the blue on a number of different routers and 6 out of 8 worked immediately in simple mode. My new home router, still provided by ISP but recently changed out for "tech refresh", prevented Firewalla working in simple mode which required me to utilize DHCP mode. 

    Service providers, ISPs, router & IOT manufacturers don't want the burden of costly support which can be avoided by removing road blocks to usage (such as security). For users willing to purchase their own Orbi's then perhaps not as much of a need

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    I have noticed via wireshark that the ARP traffic has increased significantly due to how Firewalla works.

    Im considering switching to DHCP and shutting down the routers DHCP server.

    Would you recommend this solution over simple mode.  My Router keeps going into thermal protection and the kernel warnings in its logs are just about non stop.

    Thanks in advance.


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