does Red or Blue intercept Chromecast's hard coded DNS?



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    Firewalla (both red/blue) today intercept DNS, so it is possible to change to or something else.  The capability to make the change is in the beta branch now.  If you don't change, if will use the router defaults.


    1. in production, all DNS request will be intercepted and cached (for better performance), and then either relay to the router's DNS or family mode dns.

    2. in beta, and alpha, we will start to make DNS configurable and per device redirection.  So soon, you will have very powerful ways to customize all kinds of look ups 

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    So even though the Chromecast has hard coded DNS, the and can be blackholed/sinkholed even though the cable modem, which provides DHCP for wired and wireless, does not have that ability?

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    Yes;  say you hard code in Chromcast, or the operating system, then when the lookup comes, firewalla will intercept this lookup and send to whatever was configured on your system, or family mode dns server.  (say

    Now this may pose to some people that intentionally want to set a different DNS address, so in the next alpha release, we will have a feature to selectively change DNS per device. 

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