Cisco VLAN Issues



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    Is that the CAT3k?  See if there are any configuration inside that may impact ARP tables.  Also is firewalla connected to a switch port? I assume it is.  

    These enterprise switches are very featureful and extremely flexible ... and it is a problem for simplicity

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    Buni Rock

    I have a similar issue, I am using Cisco AnyConnect client application to connect through VPN to the customer's internal network. If Firewalla is connected to my home network, the VPN connection succeeds to connect but shortly after, the Cisco AnyConnect gets disconnected and tries to connect again...and again...and again.

    Once Firewalla is disconnected from network, everything works fine.

    Since Firewalla Blue is recommended for small business sector, I would expect this scenario to work.



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    Which mode are you running the firewalla in?  Simple? DHCP?

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