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    Likely you are hitting a compatibility problem, or something related to installation.  Can you describe your network a bit?  

    1. what router are you using?

    2. where are you plugging Firewalla

    Also using a raspberry pi to test may not be a good idea.  Even the latest 'gigabit' raspberry pi is limited due to the usb interface to the ethernet.  

    BTW, if you want your network information remain private, feel free to send an email to

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    so far we have seen following reduce speed

    1. Gigabit negotiation.  We have seen one case where the Asus router is not negotiating gigabit with Firewalla.  Updating its hardware did the trick.  And another case where the switch used was not stable, keeps on alternating between gigabit and 100 megabit 

    2. Router Compatibility: you can find more info  example, if you are using the Linksys velop and not turning off acceleration, your speed will be reduced to less than 150 megabits. 

    3. Installation: we have seen cases where the user plug firewalla into the satellite of a mesh system, which significantly slows down Firewalla (due to wifi connection)


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    F. Salzano

    Did you try disabling the family control feature ?

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    @F. family protect won't limit bandwidth.   It is a DNS based feature. 

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