DHCP options, iptables?


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    1. When DHCP mode is enabled, your assumption is correct.  

    2. PiHole devices should have a static IP ... the reason is, you really depend on this service, and if IP changes, you will be losing functionality.  So you can manually move it's IP or have it stay the same place, doesn't matter.   Make sure in simple mode, never monitor pihole.

    3. This is in alpha now, as the time of this message. https://help.firewalla.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360029230894-April-6-2019-Firewalla-Red-Blue-Alpha-Release-1-963-iOS-1-30-Android-2-41-  

    DHCP option: we do not expose it now ... but it is all possible to add that, and you need to let us know the use case.

    iptable: it is already in rules.  unlike, we will expose iptables directly.  

    For managing DHS/DHCP: we can do as well, need more use case. 

    Yes, we use a form of DNSMASQ.

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