Blue and wireless access points



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    Is your configuration


    [FIOS] <---> Switch <----> Ubiquiti Access points?


    Where did you plugin Firewalla?  Also, the access points, when you say, you don't see them, they don't show up in device list?  Are the access points in the same network as the one from FIOS?


    As of DHCP mode advantage.  The main advantage is it's not spoofing the devices, hence the implementation is 'cleaner'  but the trouble of setting it up is a bit more.   Since DHCP will create a new network, you will need to port forward incoming connections to it, which will be extra work if you have devices that you want to access from the outside.

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    Rob James

    Yes, I have a switch connected to the FIOS router. The switch handles the access points. They are on the same wired network. And I do not see the APs in the device list at all. I see some of the wireless devices that are connected through the APs, but not all. For example, I see my Amazon Echo and Google Home devices but do not see any of our phones on WiFi. 

    The Blue is plugged directly into one of the ports on the FIOS router.

    Thanks for the clarification on the DHCP!

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    Which AP are you using?  do they have an IP address?  If not, then firewalla can't discover them.  Also are the AP have their own network, or acting as a bridge?    

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