Managing a Ring Doorbell



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    I realize that this was posted two weeks ago, but I thought I would reply.


    I have a mishmash of cameras that upload to the cloud, Arlo, D-Link, Ring(s).

    I have never had an issue with the Ring or Arlo camera uploads. I have done zero configuration changes.

    The database that Firewalla is using seems to recognize these addresses as "friendly" 


    The D-Link cameras however a different story. All sorts of alarms and open ports. I heed Firewalla's warning block the ports and the various sites that are "attacking" the camera's. This has not affected the functionality of those cameras. 


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    Anil Rhemtulla

    Thanks @Hatadds that's so interesting. I hope someone from the Firewalla team can chime in here to explain if Ring uploads are automatically seen as friendly by Firewalla. 

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    Anil, the identification process is a bit more involved.  So it is hard to say.  We are in fact working on a few things that may make the upload's alarm a bit more manageable.  But that may require some time, as we need to sample the hash data we get to build a bunch of signatures.  And hopefully, the enhancements will automate some of the 'alarms'.  

    The open ports are a different type of alarms.   They are more of informational + something need to be done alarm.

    The attacks are different things as well, they are likely due to above, something on the internet is trying to break through into your camera ...   

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    It's interesting to monitor these attacks on my D-Link cams. The attacks were flagged and blocked by Firewalla. They are coming from Asia (China,Vietnam), Bulgaria, Russia, other parts of Eastern Europe.

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