Rule: Allow/Block only on single device from Alarm.



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    Does make sense.  What you want is to give exceptions per device.   Will log this issue and see what we can do. (no promises)

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    David Bonds

    I believe I have the same request, but very specifically my Wyze cameras are alerting for "Abnormal uploads" to - I get several choices to allow various granularity of the destination site (* and a couple more specific), but the rule would apply to ALL devices on my network (allow ALL to upload to *     

    Oddly, I have seen other devices alarming on uploading data to other sites ( comes to mind, and I think a couple of others), but those cases I AM offered the option to allow to * for that device only.     Any ideas why it's only trying to make it global for that one scenario?    Have 3 wyze cams and its the same for all three.


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    Matt Hoag

    Also, ive been seeing my Wyze cam frequently alerting on AWS IP addresses rather than FQDN. Could there be an option to write IP network rules (allow/block

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