Are iOS Firewalla notifications routed through Firewall cloud?



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    This is a bug in iOS.  Here is what's happening, we store a private key inside iOS key chain, and randomly (we have not figure out why) reading that key will error, hence your App was not able to talk to Firewalla.  This happen in a combination of local keychain and cloud key chain

    To fix this, try this workaround

    - tap on the ... button on the top right of the firewalla app. (the place where you see internal/external scan)

    - tap on Reset App Data (yes, this button was made just for this purpose)

    If you can wait for 1 day, this is to ensure iCloud is clean.  Then go through the setup again. (unplug firewalla and re-pair with it).  

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    Jani Kahrama

    Thank you. Would you also clarify where the iOS device receives the notifications from? 

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    Jani Kahrama

    Related to my question about your notification system, I read through your privacy policy and terms of service.

    "As part of the Services, our hardware devices collect and transmit traffic identifying information. We store this information for up to sixty days on our servers"

    So any traffic analysis that generates a notification (or more) is sent to Firewalla cloud and held for 60 days? You collect user traffic analysis results from device activations to games and video viewing?

    "The Company does not want to receive confidential or proprietary information from you through the App or Service. Any information or material sent to the Company will be deemed NOT to be confidential."

    And this private information that you collect is not considered confidential?

    I hope these can be clarified. This raises quite a few concerns.

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    Jani Kahrama

    Would you kindly respond to this?

    How are iOS notifications generated, where are they stored, and how are they analyzed?

    And how can any and all data collection and analytics be disabled?

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    The privacy policy and term policy are there to cover many aspects of the service, including our store, forums, iOS app ... 

    To make things easier, we have made another short engineering document  which explains how the data works.  

    We will be happy to add more to this.  In fact, we just added your last two questions to that documentation. :)

    Firewalla box software is also open source, feel free to browse through them if you are curious.


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