SmartDNS queries do not get routed corrected with Firewall Blue plugged in



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    Hi Max

    Disable family mode and/or adblock mode and see if it still works.  

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    Alex Kullmer

    Same thing here, using (similar to SmartDNS) and its not allowing to use the service.

    I'm doing it at the router level thou. The router is sending the right dns to the different devices but still, not working.

    Firewalla Blue is on Simple Mode

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    @Alex where did you configure the DNS?  Today's design is Firewalla will force all DNS request to use the default DNS or family mode DNS.  And the reason for that is parental control.  

    1. If you configured this on the device, and your default DNS is different, then the only way to use the DNS is to put the device into the "unmonitored" mode.  It is very likely in the next alpha release, we will allow you to bypass the rewrite.  (likely in a month or two)

    2. if you configured at router level, you shouldn't have a problem;  Meaning unless you using family protect, you should always be direct to this DNS.  Please send a email to, we can help

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