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    Anil Rhemtulla

    Did you ever manage to sort out the alerting?

    The alerts from our Ring doorbell drive me nuts. It would seem to me that Firewalla should be able to detect the IP is from Amazon (uploading to an S3 bucket I assume) and provide us with the option to grant future Amazon uploads. That would still be too open, but it would be a great starting point.

    I imagine the doorbell isn't working off of IP addresses but rather is doing dns lookups. I wonder if the Firewalla can/should use those lookups to figure out what domain the device is really using. This should allow it to backtrack to figure out the IP address really has a "Ring" subdomain (or possible a domain). 


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    Anil,  that part is for sure on our working list, we are tied up with the blue's coming online and hopefully, we can make the device alarms lesser soon.  

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