[blue] how to allow external VPN connections when family protect is turned on?



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    You can manually do this today.  And we are working on a per-device family mode.  Hopefully this will solve your problem.  There is no ETA on this, since we are pretty busy shipping blue and make sure it is stable before we add more features.  

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    Foo Bar Geez

    Per-device family mode sounds great!

    > You can manually do this today

    Do you mean by turning off, make VPN and turn it back on?  Or do you mean by manually creating a firewall rule?  If the latter, can you please send me the steps?


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    There are couple ways to do it

    1. When you VPN, just turn off monitoring on the device that's doing the VPN.  This should bypass firewalla

    2. Or you can turn off family mode, do vpn, and then turn it on. 


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